server relocation vans

Datacentre Review

Mafi Mushkila will complete an on-site inspection and photographic survey of your Datacentre or IT Equipment Room.

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Relocation Service

If you need to move a single server, a rack of servers, or an entire datacentre, Mafi Mushkila can support you. Mafi Mushkila can also support you with your installation and decommissioning requirements. We have a wealth of experience of managing and executing server relocations nationwide and internationally. With specialist Server engineers and technicians, vehicles and processes, Mafi Mushkila can complete your server moves whilst safeguarding your IT equipment.

Before the move we will...

  • carry out a site survey to ensure access
  • create a check list of components for each server
  • create a 'server passport'
  • prepare method statements

During the move we will ensure that...

  • equipment is positioned using specialist equipment lifts
  • your equipment is packed in anti-static bubble wrap, in anti-static foam lined flight cases
  • magnetic (tape) and optical media is packed in IP67, ATA and MIL C-4150J certified cases
  • all cases are security sealed before shipping
  • your equipment is fully insured throughout the move
  • we only use experienced staff, sensitive to the requirements of the server and that of the datacentre
Server Passport heading

Each server will have a passport document prepared in advance that details:

  • server name
  • server model
  • attached peripherals
  • IP address(es)
  • MAC address(es)
  • NIC Speed(s) (10/100/1000MBits)
  • Sub-net mask(s)
  • previous location (grid reference or rack number and u-position)
  • new location (grid reference or rack number / rack asset number and u-position)
  • details of cable connectivity
  • photographs of infrastructure showing any existing damage