cables connecting to a server

Datacentre Review

Mafi Mushkila will complete an on-site inspection and photographic survey of your Datacentre or IT Equipment Room.

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Cable Management & Patching

Mafi Mushkila can decommission the old power and data cabling as the equipment is relocated. We can also install the new cabling in the new location to your standards.

Maintaining cooling within the manufacturers' warrantee parameters is critical to the long term reliability of IT equipment, key to this is good airflow. To improve airflow within the racks Mafi Mushkila has developed cable bars to replace the bulky arms supplied by many manufacturers.

server cabling with standard cable bars
Rear of servers fitted with cable arms provided by the manufacturers, the rear of the servers is barely visible through the arms and cabling, blocking airflow.
server cabling with Mafi Mushkila's cable bars installed
Similar servers fitted with cable bars developed by Mafi Mushkila. The rears of the servers are now clearly visible and airflow is vastly improved