CO2 Pipework support frame installation

IT Relocation specialists

As a well established provider of data centre and IT Equipment Room related services to many market sectors.

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Operational Datacentre Upgrade

Temporary Generator

Mafi Mushkila has significant experience working in operational datacentres and has a detailed understanding of the impact this will have on a potential upgrade project. Within operational datacentres Mafi Mushkila has managed projects to:

  • upgrade / replace uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • upgrade generators
  • replace or install new switch gear
  • install CO2 and water based High Density IT Rack solutions

Mafi Mushkila is able to deliver on behalf of the client:

  • assembly of the design and implementation teams
  • manage tendering of packages
  • complete (and manage) risk assessment
  • manage implementation and testing process


datacentre server racks

Case Study

A major insurer was implementing a new datacentre to replace an existing 20-year old datacentre that was constructed to approximately 400W/m2. The existing datacentre was expected to run out of UPS, generator and Cooling capacity before the new datacentre became operational.