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As a well established provider of data centre and IT Equipment Room related services to many market sectors.

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Datacentre Review

Mafi Mushkila will complete an on-site inspection and photographic survey of your Datacentre or IT Equipment Room, this will be followed up with written report with high level strategic recommendations. Health check is a non-intrusive review of:

  • power distribution and cabling
  • network cabling
  • air flow within datacentre and rack
  • supply and return air temperature
  • room and rack level layout
  • cable containment
  • fire detection and suppressant
  • Health & Safety issues
  • security or other location specific risks and issues
  • cleanliness and sources of contamination
  • high level IT inventory

Pricing of the survey is dependent on the size and complexity of the installation. A more in depth study can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

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