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zSeries Consolidation, Technology Refresh and Relocation

Mafi Mushkila was retained by a major UK based insurer for a series of projects to migrate mainframe services through several technology generations.

The first phase of projects consolidated legacy workloads (as result of a merger) from a number of regional IBM Rx5, Amdahl, and Hitachi systems onto centralised interim IBM Rx5 processors. Subsequent projects managed by Mafi Mushkila migrated workloads through z900, z990 and z9 processors.

As the estate moved to newer technology, older technology within the supporting infrastructure was replaced to maintain support levels; Mafi Mushkila managed the projects to replace:

  • ESCON infrastructure with FiCon; IBM 9032 ESCON Directors replaced with Cisco 95xx SAN Switches
  • fibre cabling with IBM FTS and 3 rd party solutions
  • 3270 SNA infrastructure (IBM 3174, 3745/3746) migrated to TCP/IP solutions
  • direct channel attached printer extended over distance using channel extenders and IP solutions
  • local operations bridges with remote console access
  • As part of two datacentre relocation projects managed by Mafi Mushkila the entire mainframe estate (z9 and z10’s) was relocated to new data centre facilities. The current zSeries estate consists of six footprints with in excess of 28,000 MIPS running more than 30 LPARs

Mafi Mushkila was responsible for:

  • preparing implementation and project plans
  • identifying and coordinating technical resources
  • managing 3 rd party engineering resources
  • management of design and implementation of network infrastructure (LAN/WAN) to support environment
  • coordinating site surveys, access and transportation
  • negotiating service outages through customer change process
  • managing installation of compatibility fixes
  • managing upgrades of systems software
  • arranging application of software passwords
  • arranging technical and user testing

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