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Storage Technology Refresh

Mafi Mushkila was retained to manage two projects over a five year period to implement a Storage Technology Refresh.

The first project migrated from a single vendor environment (EMC) for all platforms onto a dual vendor solution (HDS for mainframe storage and EMC Open Systems). EMC storage was retained for a specific mainframe imaging application on an old platform. During the lifespan of the solution, business as usual (BAU) growth was satisfied by installing HDS storage into the Open Systems environment.

The second project migrated the multivendor solution onto a single vendor solution provided by HDS that delivered 1.5 Petabytes of available storage. The project scope included the rationalisation of data placement to facilitate multidatacentre disaster recovery testing.

The rationale was to take advantage of declining storage costs, take advantage of new technology but also to consolidate the systems used to support both SAN and SAN fabric whilst maintaining or improving performance.

The storage migrations spanned many platforms including; AIX, HPUX, Solaris (using Veritas), IBM mainframe, VMWare, and Windows NT / 200x.

The projects introduced new technologies and methodologies that delivered multi-million pound operational savings to the client;

  • storage tier’ing
  • storage virtualisation; that enables seamless data and data migration between tiers
  • data mirroring and point in time copies
  • ready to implement de-duplication technology
  • ready to implement thin provisioning

Additional benefit was realised by early termination of contracts for old storage leases an maintenance contracts.

Implementation of Core and Edge switch design within the SAN fabric increased port capacity and resilience.

Mafi Mushkila acted as single point of contact for all aspects of the projects with responsibility for:

  • preparing statement of requirements
  • contract preparation (including SOW preparation)
  • managing vendor selection and procurement process
  • managing proof of concept (POC) and testing
  • budget preparation and management
  • project planning
  • management of hardware delivery and implementation
  • management of data migration
  • management of decommissioning process

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