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International MVS consolidation

A global blue chip company wished to reduce Mainframe operational costs by consolidating their mainframe workload of their French subsidiary into it’s existing UK based mainframe estate.

The French system had reached the point where a significant investment was required to achieve the requisite hardware upgrade to allow sustained growth. An upgrade to the storage was planned later in the financial year. Disaster Recovery was provided by a 3 rd party supplier within the Paris area, but due to the backup and restore offsite principle, realistic recovery took approximately 48 hours.

Mafi Mushkila was retained to develop and execute a project to relocate the workload that involved the:

  • re-distribution of existing workloads to create sufficient capacity (MIPS)
  • implementation of 200 Terabytes of mirrored storage
  • conversion of system software (automation and printing software)
  • shipping and conversion of 11,000 tapes (STK to IBM)
  • resilient, secure network connectivity between UK and France

The move took place over a Bank Holiday weekend, with a dummy run two weeks before to allow time for any lessons learnt to be included in the go-live move plan. To expedite transportation, the dump tapes and critical batch tapes were flown by a privately chartered aircraft. Once the systems were restored and tested the tape library was shipped by road / rail to the UK (using diverse routes). In the following weeks the tapes were converted to the same robotic format as the rest of the UK estate.

The migration was completed to schedule, with no unplanned service outage, within budget. The client avoided unnecessary system upgrades and continues to benefit from reduced operational costs. To complete the service a full D/R test was successfully completed in the UK.

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