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Emergency zSeries Migration

During the transition of datacentre services to an outsource provider it was apparent that punitive charges for software licences would be imposed by certain vendors. As an alternative, while negotiations progressed Mafi Mushkila was retained to plan the emergency relocation of an IBM zSeries mainframe to a datacentre facility owned and operated by the client.

The plan was developed over a two week period, involving a number of disciplines; Project Managers / Consultants with expertise in budget development, mainframe systems, mainframe operations, software suppliers, networks, Mechanical and Electrical services, IT / Datacentre Infrastructure, Customer Service (IT) Engineering and Hardware Relocation specialists.

Mafi Mushkila developed:

  • project plan
  • method statements
  • risk assessment
  • project budget

A number of business units, support teams and 3rd party suppliers were engaged to ensure that resources, materials and networks were available to support the aggressive schedule.

A multi-stage plan was developed to:

  • implement temporary capacity upgrades to temporary hosts
  • move workload onto temporary hosts
  • relocate mainframe
  • relocate workload into relocated mainframe from temporary facility
  • remove temporary capacity upgrades
  • provide Business testing at each stage
  • maintain pre-defined service availability
  • develop permanent datacentre facility to relocate mainframe to

The plan demonstrated that the mainframe could be successfully moved to a facility owned by the Customer within 4-weeks, avoiding the punitive software charges. The development of a permanent datacentre facility was planned to be available within three to four months.

This engagement offered an alternate solution that the customer could use as a bargaining tool while negotiating with software vendors. Negotiation successfully reduced the charges to a acceptable level; resulting in multi-million pound savings. The project was cancelled within 24-hours of the relocation of workloads onto temporary hosts.

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