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Datacentre Audit & Recovery

Mafi Mushkila was retained to complete an audit of a 3,000m2 datacentre that had been operational for 20-years. The datacentre was known to have capacity shortfalls and hot spots.

Mafi Mushkila conducted an audit of the datacentre to identify:

  • redundant IT equipment
  • hot spots; caused by poor airflow and inefficiencies in the cooling distribution system
  • poor housekeeping practices
  • Health & Safety issues
  • fire hazards

Working with the client, Mafi Mushkila conducted a series of activities to resolve as many of the issues identified in the audit as possible, including:

  • decommissioned and removed from the datacentre in excess of 100-tonnes of redundant IT equipment
  • relocated vented floor tiles to resolve hot spots by increasing air flow to server racks and improved efficiency by removing vented floor tiles from hot isles and from behind equipment
  • remove redundant cabling
  • installed blanking plates within IT racks
  • implemented hot / cold isle for future installations
  • fibrous material removed from the datacentre
  • spare parts, materials and service spares removed from IT hall to more suitable storage facilities
  • processes and procedures put in in place

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