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Datacentre Migration Design Assurance & Risk Assessment

As cost saving exercise and to consolidate services, a major Dublin based insurance company intended to consolidate its city centre office locations into a single location within the city. Mainframe services had previously been relocated to the UK by Mafi Mushkila; IT services hosted in the existing datacentre would be relocated into a new datacentre within the new location.

A new datacentre was designed and constructed. Mafi Mushkila was retained throughout the process to provide design assurance to ensure the new facility was fit for purpose and to provide assistance during the selection, design and implementation of the IT rack solution.

The migration included approximately 250 physical UNIX and Windows hosts (predominantly IBM i and pSeries servers), IBM ESS Shark storage, 2 x p5xx / 6xx floor standing servers, IBM tape robot, VoIP core network for the entire organisation, IP core network and internet services.

The proposal that the business units agreed to was a single migration event over a single weekend, with all IT and telephony services suspended during the migration window.

As the project developed, the scope of the engagement was widened to provide a consulting role to support migration activities; to asses and offer advice with regards to migration approach, migration plans, migration project management. A risk assessment completed by Mafi Mushkila identified a number of issues that could have delayed migration. Mafi Mushkila’s considerable experience planning and executing datacentre migrations helped shape the final migration plans and provided input in to the ‘go / no go decision’.

During the migration weekend Mafi Mushkila staff were on site to observe the process and to provide proactive advice as challenges presented themselves. The migration was successful, with normal service being resumed at the planned time.

‘The Mafi Mushkila team was a valuable asset during the planning and execution of Hibernian’s move to our new datacentre.’ Kevin Garland, Director of Group IT, Hibernian Insurance.

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